Meet a Blockchain Protocol for Angel Investing

Get disruptive technology tokens at the very beginning with our exclusive protocol & alliance for Seed Coin Offerings.

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Angel Credit Process

From concept to disruptive technology

Most of the technology hasn't been invented yet, most of the exponential businesses haven't been established yet.

Angel Credit is a platform that intends to automate seed capital through its decentralized Seed Coin Protocol and allow crypto investors to get tokens of potentially disruptive businesses as soon as possible.

We create infrastructure that helps turning concepts, ideas and early-stage products to strong businesses.

Seed Coin Protocol

Seed Coin Protocol is our decentralized technology that provides a new way of securing the most exclusive entry point on future initial coin offerings.

Seed Coin Protocol is built on a two-dimensional digital asset array that enables to

  • fund the development of future businesses (ICOs),
  • collect ICO bonuses and returns, and
  • hedge against any particular ICO failure.

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The first SCO alliance

The emergence of "SCO alliances" is a direct consequence of the technology and processes as laid out in Seed Coin Protocol.

For members of our private Acredit SCO Alliance we present analyzed seed coin offering opportunities.

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Find out more about the application of our technology and get access to seed coins through special angel deals.

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